Nook Highchair


The Joovy Nook is amazing. First of all, it looks fantastic! It has clean lines and is unobtrusive in the kitchen.  It wipes down easily and you can take the entire seat cover off and put it in the washer!  The Nook folds completely flat with one hand. The swing open tray is a feature parents love.  The tray has a removable insert  that can be easily popped off and rinsed after a messy meal (it's dishwasher safe too). In the daily grind of parenthood, it's the little things that help so much. It is so nice when a product performs and helps to simplify your life.

Care and Maintenance for the Joovy Nook Leatherette Seat Covers:
Seat cover may be removed for washing. Wash in cold water, gentle cycle and hang to dry. Seat cover can be washed a couple of times during its lifetime.