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In 1901, the British civil engineer booth in London's Leicester Square to the imperial music hall to visit the United States a carriage precipitator demonstration. This vacuum cleaner with compressed air put the dust was blown into the container inside, Mr Booth thinks this method is not wise, because a lot of dust to blow into the container. Later, he came back in the opposite direction, with vacuum method, booth for the a very simple test: will a handkerchief covered his mouth and nose, mouth in front of a handkerchief inspiratory, with the result that handkerchief attached a layer of dust. So he made a vacuum cleaner, with a strong electric pump to air suction hose, through the bag filter dust.
Goering horizontal vacuum cleaner
Goering horizontal vacuum cleaner
In 1901 August, booth patented, and set up a vacuum cleaner, but does not sell. He put the gasoline engine driven vacuum pump is arranged in the carriage, door-to-door service, the three or four long hose from the window into room cleaning, company employees wear work service. This is the predecessor of the vacuum cleaner.
In 1902 Buss Service Corporation called to Westminster Cathedral, to the king Edward VII coronation carpet clean. Since then business increasingly Xinglong. In 1906 booth made the family small vacuum cleaner, although the name is "small", but the vacuum cleaner is 88 pound (1 pound =0.4536 kg), was too heavy and not popular.
In 1907, Shiban Guerra, an American inventor, made a lightweight vacuum cleaner, where he was an administrator in a store to clean the floor.
Horizontal tank vacuum cleaner
Horizontal tank vacuum cleaner
Blanket burden, a vacuum cleaner is made, with the fan caused by vacuum dust inhalation machine, and then into the pocket. Since he himself had no ability to produce sales, in 1908 the transfer of patents to the fur manufacturer Hoover. When Hoover began to manufacture a pulley type "O" vacuum cleaner, sale is very good, the earliest household vacuum cleaner design is reasonable, development has no too big change.
In 1910, the Danish "Nielsen Fisker&" (now Li Qi advanced) sold the first C1 Nilfisk vacuum cleaner. Weight of about 17.5 kg, but due to the single operation, at the time, the market was well received.
The first design vacuum cleaner is upright. In 1912, Winner Goering invented the cross pot vacuum cleaner in Stockholm, Sweden, and Electrolux Electrolux became the initiator of the vacuum cleaner..
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