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Feng in the fourteenth session of the international exhibition of science and technology explosion of power equipment and power generation

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Feng technology will participate in the exhibition burst Fourteenth International powergenerating sets. Feng burst technology will release a diesel generator energy saving. Shanghai Feng explosion Machinery Technology Co. Ltd. is committed to providing high-quality diesel generators for users.

This exhibition and blasting technology is located in Shanghai New International Expo Center Hall N5 booth 5D09, sincerely invite you to come to the show.

Shanghai Feng explosion Machinery Technology Co., the company attaches great importance to this time of the exhibition. And sent a strong team with the latest technology products. This is a energy saving diesel generator is very low.

When Feng brand diesel generator will burst, and Chai, Yuchai, Cummings, some big brands such as Volvo compete. Feng burst card for private enterprises in the diesel generator manufacturers at home and abroad, the majority of consumers.

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