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Operating conditions of ESP for industrial power boiler

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ndustrial power boiler in the operation process, to the periodic dust removal, then the power boiler dust collector in what time can run? Next is a small series of Zheng.
(1) when the fuel of an industrial power boiler is fuel, the ESP can not be put into operation.
(2) when CO firing of power industrial boilers, coal, oil, dust collector also can not be put into operation, because at this time the operation of dust collector will cause adhesion of putty mixture on the plate and the epipolar line, once formed, cannot clear and affect the future of the dust collector operation effect.
(3) in the boiler of the power generation industry after ignition, to dust collector operation, electrostatic precipitator high voltage is not part of a transmission, electrical precipitator can only be used for flue gas channel, at the anode and cathode vibration beating device are arranged in a continuous vibration position, until the normal operation of the dust remover again according to the provisions of the program period of vibration.
(4) when the power generation industry boiler combustion completely normal, fuel has stopped, stable operation, then dust collector have conditions of use, this time, precipitator hopper ash emptying.
Above is the operating condition of the electric precipitator for the industrial power boiler.. Cheng pot production of coal-fired power generation industrial boilers, energy efficient, long service life. Want to learn more about Zheng pot, can contact us at any time.
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